FAQ about function and usage

Now we give answers for the most frequently asked questions to WeWoThom. If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

How guarantees the required quality level of WeWoThom Premium?

The WeWoThom company follows the high quality requirements in his product line. The most important quality factors are safety for the people, safety for the device and medical properties. WeWoThom is supervised very strong.

Can I use WeWoThom without any instruction?

Yes. It is needed to read the manual before beginning with WeWoThom. Then you will have success with WeWoThom.

Is it time limited the use of WeWoThom? Or is it possible to use it whenever I wish it?

The time and the frequentness of usage have no limitation. The method WeWoThom is a naturally treatment and you can use it whenever you wish it. Please follow the instructions in the manual. It can be happen that metabolism is increased, than stop the treatment for two days.

What the reason of the unsuccessful other treatments for many years and WeWoThom is helpful after the first 3 hours yet?

After this time I was able to move without pains. The fully natural based method of WeWoThom brings simultaneous bio-electrical and bio-chemical effect to the cells. The decreasing of inflammations and swellings is very powerful and fast. But realize that it is needed to repeat the treatment for long time effects.

How the WeWoThom brings cell nutriments in without any pharmaceutical nutriment?

WeWoThom frequencies influence the cell activities, there change of liquids, there diffusions of charge tracers and with it the nutriments of the cells. WeWoThom stimulates the cell metabolism therefore the reactions will be increased

I have no sensation in the skin or in my muscles during WeWoThom, no vibration and no heating. I see only the blinking green lamp in WeWoThom. Is it correct?

Beginning with very low intensities of WeWoThom frequencies the procedure of multiplicative increase of the cell action potentials is working. The Domino effect brings the actions into very deep cells. Also when you are feeling nothing the treatment is working. You can feel the absence of pains very soon.

WeWoThom can be successful also in the case of pains in very big knees?

By the type of frequency clusters the deepness of penetration is not limited. You can be hopeful with WeWoThom in big knees.

Is it possible to burn the skin by WeWoThom?

If you use the WeWoThom with the original WeWoThom pads it is not possible to burn the skin by WeWoThom. Please handle the pads how described in the manual. With decreasing adhering give only 3 drops of water to the surface of pads, not more. Please avoid the washing-up of the pad adhering film by too much water.

How I can have long live of pads?

When you are not use the WeWoThom let the pads on the plastic foil in the closed plastic box. Then you avoid drying up the pads adhering film.

Where I can get new electrodes (pads)?

Please use the internet www.wewothom.de and order new pads. They will arrive you soon after the order.

Is it possible to use other electrodes?

It is not allowed to use electrodes they are different to the original WeWoThom pads. The quality of original WeWoThom pads guarantees the method of your treatment and safes you self against damages.

I have metallic implants in my knee. Is WeWoThom allowed?

Yes it is allowed. No heating in the implants is coming by WeWoThom frequencies.

I have acute bacterial caused infect with ague. Is it recommended to use WeWoThom?

In this case WeWoThom is not recommended and also not helpful. In opposite of help for the body the frequencies will help the bacteria. It is not recommended to use the WeWoThom during acute bacterial infect with ague, during gravitation, during MRI examination and for men younger than 14 years old.

After a trauma during sport training I have pains in my muscles and hematoma there. Is it recommended to use WeWoThom?

Yes, the WeWoThom is helpful to a fast healing of your body. Please contact your physician before start with WeWoThom