High-Tone Frequency Therapy

In the human body, high-frequency electromagnetic fields play a natural role in sustaining life and regulating bodily processes. The first therapeutic devices utilizing these fields were developed by German scientists in 1994.
They apply complex frequency patterns to improve metabolism, cellular communication, and blood circulation. These frequency patterns are in the high-tone range, i.e., below 20 KHz.
Electromagnetic waves support cellular communication through simultaneous biochemical and bioelectrical processes. The healing frequencies always reach the source of pain, even deep in the body, as they are passed from cell to cell as in a domino effect.

The cells are supplied with substances naturally occurring in the body, which eliminates the need for medications. Even cells in tissue deep below the skin are affected because the frequencies can penetrate into the body unimpeded. The frequency patterns used for this therapy do not induce any cellular adaptation and are thus therapeutically effective for the entire duration of treatment.
Every organism requires good communication, coordination, and cooperation between its cells. The body can help heal itself.

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WeWoThom Premium is the realization of the well-known High Tone Frequency Treatment.

Our method works with electro magnetically frequencies in the range 4000 to 12000 Hertz. In contrast to conventionally electro therapy WeWoThom makes no ionization in the human cells. It makes no heating treatment or dangerous partition of cells.

The electromagnetically frequencies go over the electrode pads to the cells of the skin. Sensitive nerves cells and muscle cells send these increased frequencies to the cells in the neighborhood. From one action potential in the skin will be around 800 action potentials in the neighborhood cell. In every transfer cell we have this factor of increase and we get the guarantee that the neighborhood will be arrived by the frequencies.

The parts of the cells will be moved in the rhythm of the WeWoThom frequencies. They make oscillations, turns and vibrations. The cell communication is helpful for more power in the cells and makes the cells powerful.

We can help the human body with naturally tools for self-help. Than the body can win the fight against acute or chronical pains and inflammations. Especially against the deficit of cartilage (pains in the joints and back) it works fine. For instance in arthrosis we have the case of cartilage deficits.

Self treatment, Usage, Properties, Indications

  • easy to use with the button
  • discrete appliance under the cloth, not to see by other people
  • reliable pads
  • enough power for about 500 working hours in 5 years

The WeWoThom Premium is compact and inexpensive. Therefore it can be used by everybody after reading the manual. Help from other people is not needed. The technique complete is in the small box together with hardware and software. A small green lamp shows the status of work with blinking light.

By yourself is decided when and how long you want to use the WeWoThom device.

Bring the pads near by the pain region on the skin. With button press the device is switched on. After switch on the device it is working in the mode High tone frequency treatment. This therapy stimulates the cells in biochemical and bioelectrical mode simultaneous. After 6 hours the WeWoThom device switches off automatically

  • pains in the joints and in the skeleton
  • pains and spasms in the muscles
  • pains from arthrosis and arthritis

Do not forget the pain can be a symptom of a serious illness. For medical consultation please ask your physician. Before you use the WeWoThom method it is needed to consult your physician

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