Living without pain

pain in the back, in the joints, in the skeleton, in the muscles or sports injury?

Experts recommend HiT – Hight-Tone Frequency Therapy. Utilizes this therapy to treat pain and the sources of pain. Very discreetly and free of medications and their side effects.


Enjoy it to move without pain and climb upstairs and downstairs painless


No waiting time in full rooms of the physician. Use WeWoThom Premium at:

  • Pain in the joints and in the back
  • Pains and spasms in the muscles
  • Arthrosis and arthritis
  • Sports injury
  • Menstrual cramps



  • Free of medications and their side effects
  • Fast and long term effect
  • Unlimited deepness (domino effect)
  • Simultaneous biochemical and bioelectrical processes
  • No cell adaption


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